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24. 12. 2011

3. 12. 2011

National Dog Show Swiebodzice (Polska), judge Mrs. A. Redlicka (Pl)
Velvet (Ch. Alilah’s Velvet Touch) - intermadiatle class: exc. 1, CWC, Best female, BOB

20. 11. 2011

New pictures of our puppies:

C'Chandak, C'Chandramohan, C'Chiru, C'Chitral, E´Ransi, E´Rewa, E´Tashi

15. 10. 2011

Special Winner Show TTs Mlada Boleslav, judge Mrs. A. Kostalova (CZ)
Velvet (Ch. Alilah’s
Velvet Touch) – open class: exc. 1, CAC
Taši (He-ru-ka Tashi Bodjul) – veteran class: exc. 1, Best veteran


28. 8. 2011

CACIB Mladá Boleslav, judge Ing. A. Košťálová (CZ)

Velvet was first time in adult class and had a realy nice result exc. 1, CAC.

We did some Velvet´s new pictures with Barbora. Galery you can see here  :-).

20. 8. 2011

All our puppies are their new homes. All the best our sweeties!

3rd August 2011

We have only one puppy at home - pretty Rewa. If you interested in Rewa, write me, please for next informations.

22th July 2011

Our puppies on the garden ...

8th July 2011

Puppies are seven weeks old.

8th July 2011

Puppies are six weeks old already ...

1st July 2011

Puppies were on the garden first time.

24th Juni 2011

Our puppies have four weeks.

17th Juni 2011

Our puppies have three weeks today.

13th Juni 2011

All puppies (D) are in their home. Good luck!

11th Juni 2011

Our puppies are two weeks now.

3rd Juni 2011

Our puppies have one week already. Here you have their first photos J.

27th May 2011

Our Taši (Ich. He-ru-ka Tashi Bodjul) and Jomi (Ch. Jomo Lang-ma-ri Tashi Bodjul) have new puppies J.

We have one sable boy and four girls (three sable and one black). All puppies have small white marks. It is an inbereeding to he famous female Amox Sissybar.

More here.


If you are interested for our new puppies, contact me, please, I will answer on all your questions.

17th January 2011

Litter D


Puppies - 14 days - more photos here.

4th January 2011

Next puppies

Next puppies of our Jacko (Alilah Jackanory) were born - this time by Noisy (Pam-Zamirin Noisette). There are 5 boys (3 black & white, 2 white with black marks) and 1 girl (black & white).


You can find more info and more photos in home-page of Noisy.

3rd January 2011

Litter D

Puppies of Jacko (Alilah Jackanory) and Zofinka (Deinna Masinial) were born!

There are 4 boys (1 black & white, 3 white with black marks) and 7 girls (4 black with white marks, 3 white with black marks) ... together 11 pupies !!!

Puppies live by their mother in Praha. You can find more info and photos in her home-page.

1st January 2011

I greet all in a new year.


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